Re: [hatari-devel] IDE IO register range access commit

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Le 25/09/2020 à 19:29, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

So somebody has run Hatari bus error tester on
Falcon which doesn't have any IDE devices attached
and we know exactly what should happen for each

I think the behaviour is known and described in the official docs ; IDE registers will work whether there's a disk or not and addresses between f00040 and f10000 will do a bus error

(Thomas said TOS ignores those bus errors, but not where that info came from.)

maybe he saw it just by looking at the traces when running in falcon mode

Ok.  Looking at what the current code expects,
it may require major surgery.  How soon you
were thinking of doing new Hatari release?

(I'm a bit worried of doing something like this
just before release.)

This might be the last thing to fix before release, but I'm confident that by doing insert/eject of ide images in TT mode or falcon mode we will cover most use cases (at least as much as we had before).


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