Re: [hatari-devel] New blitter code for xcount=1 nfsr=1

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I've retested it with and without gdb and no more hatari crash.

I can now watch the demo from beginning to end. Cool.

It may be because I tested many games and demos without resetting cleanly between each.

I'll continue to stress hatari falcon emu in case I detect it again.


Le 10/09/2020 à 21:53, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 10/09/2020 à 21:46, Laurent a écrit :
I've quickly tested a few games and demos on falcon.

I didn't notice any regression (but I don't know is there are a lot of demos or games that use the falcon blitter).

I've encoutered a core dump of hatari while running "EKO SYSTEM".

Do someone here reproduce it too ?

It's certainly not linked to Nicolas's latest blitter changes but more certainly due to timings problems with the 68030 emu.

A core dump is never a good thing ; can you run hatari from gdb and see if it crashes too and at which point ? (using the 'bt' command)


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