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On 5/17/20 1:43 PM, benoît tuduri wrote:
I don't understand how use the following tools:

I documented briefly what they do to Git:

For the first, what's linker -p ?

"-p" is AHCC linker option. [1]

these tools are great, but I need to assistance to understand their
usage in details.

They're useful only in very special circumstances,
that's why Hatari doesn't install them, like it
does for gst2ascii and hatari_profiler post-

	- Eero

[1] AHCC.STG document "Linker usage" section:
@node "Linker usage"
@alias linker_options


                AHCL.TTP [options] inputfilename ...

        Commandline parameters for AHCL:

    -v    Verbose
    -j    Collect (make new Pure C format object)
    -n    Write 'nm' type symbol list to [-o].sym
    -p    Write load map to [-o].map
    -o... Output file name
    -c... Name of text file holding list of input filenames

    Options for executable output:
    -sN   Stack size, where N is a number less than 0xffffff
    -g    Add symbol table with global symbols
    -l    Add local  symbols additional to -g
       Set load flags:
    -m    Mallocs for TT ram
    -f    Dont set 'Fast load' bit
    -r    Load in TT ram

    Followed by:
    list of input filenames additional to -c

A example .PRJ file for AHCC_P.TTP

..L [-vpg]               ; linker options (same as commandline version)

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