[hatari-devel] EmuTOS machine support information

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I noticed that Hatari cross-checks the version of Atari TOS against the machine 
type.  It checks EmuTOS as well, but more crudely since EmuTOS version numbers 
(and the version of Atari TOS announced by EmuTOS) are not 100% useful.

EmuTOS now has an extended header which we can put useful information into.  
Would it be helpful to Hatari if I added flag bits to indicate which hardware 
this ROM can run on; for example, runs on ST hardware / runs on STe hardware / 
etc ?  If so, now would be a good time for me to add this.

This would just be a general guide, i.e. that this ROM will run on that 
emulated machine.  It would not imply that all features of that machine are 
supported (AFAIK, this is only an issue with the Falcon, since we do not yet 
support 16-bit graphics or DSP).

Let me know,

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