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On 12/9/19 7:14 AM, Markus Fröschle wrote:
I'm currently struggling with the Hatari debugger trying to find a
problem in a resident program (terminating with a Ptermres() call).

Is there a way to retain/reload the program's symbols after Ptermres()?

Yes to both.

Hatari config file [Debugger] section [1]
"bSymbolsResident" option controls whether
(autoloaded) symbols will be removed when program

You can also load symbols at any point with the "symbols" command, either from separate (ASCII)
symbols file, or from a program binary that
includes a symbol table.  Manual gives several
examples on different ways to do that.

	- Eero

[1] I just split debugger documentation to
a separate manual.  I'll add there a section
about debugger specific config options.
nNumberBase = 10
nDisasmLines = -1
nMemdumpLines = 4
nDisasmOptions = 15
bDisasmUAE = FALSE
nSymbolLines = -1
nExceptionDebugMask = 515
bSymbolsResident = FALSE
bMatchAllSymbols = FALSE
nBacktraceLines = 0

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