Re: [hatari-devel] Latest Hatari crashing

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On 15/06/2019 14.03, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> Hi,
> Looks as if commit e83f0289 has broken something. My Hatari setup is
> crashing before the desktop appears. This also happens without AUTO folder.
> These are the last messages:
> INFO : GEMDOS HDD emulation, I: <-> /home/us/TT/I.
> WARN : GEMDOS HD drive I: (may) override ACSI/IDE image partitions!
> INFO : OS clock ticks / second: 100
> HDC: READ SECTOR (ACSI, t=0, lun=0, opc=0x8, cnt=0x1, ctrl=0x0) with LBA 0x0 -> OK (0)
> WARN : No GEMDOS dir '/home/us/TT/C/AUTO'
> WARN : Bus Error writing at address $ffffff, PC=$fa02dc addr_e3=fa02dc op_e3=4220
> WARN : Closing 1 & unforcing 0 file handle(s) remaining at program 0x100000e exit.
> After this there are 2 bombs and a double bus/address error was
> detected. I added my setup as an attachment.

I can not reproduce the crash right now with your config file ... but
PC=$fa02dc indicates that the crash happens within the new clearing
function, indeed.

Do you have ACCs on your GEMDOS hard disk? If so, can you try to disable
them to see whether the crash goes away? And if that's the case, enable
them one by one again to see which one is causing the crash?


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