[hatari-devel] 030 exceptions on auto-increment instructions

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Hi Toni,

While mailing about some issue I was hitting with m68k Linux, it
was noticed that Linux fault handler gives different register
values under Hatari than under real 030.

Faulting instruction is:
	$00249f5a : 0e98 2000  moves.l   (a0)+,d2

A0 reg content is struct member offset address, but struct was NULL.

Under Hatari Falcon emulation, Linux fault handler reg dump showed A0
value to be 0x04, whereas with under real 030 Mac it showed 0x08.

Environments weren't completely identical, so it's not 100% sure
this is WinAUE CPU core issue, but I think it warrants checking.

If you can have recent Linux version (5.x or slightly older, with
SYSRQ config option enabled) under WinUAE and real m68k HW, this
is easy to trigger.  Just do:
	# echo t > /proc/sysrq-trigger

	- Eero

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