[hatari-devel] Bug in FPU emulation?

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While experimenting with povray, i got a strange bug. On one of the examples, povray aborts with:


File: fish13.pov  Line: 26
File Context (5 lines):
  direction <0, 0, 1.5>
  up <0, 1, 0>
  right <4/3, 0, 0>
  look_at <-5, -5, 0>
Parse Error: Viewing angle has to be smaller than 180 degrees.

This only happens with FPU enabled, and softfloat emulation turned off. When using the softfloat emulation, it works (and actually produces a binary exact version of the images as that when i run the softfloat-version of povray).


If you want to take a look, a zip file with the FPU version, and the test files can be found here . I ran the example with


povray +Iinclude +W320 +H240 fish13.pov


The files in the archive beyond gemdos/ were installed on an emulated gemdos C drive in Hatari.


When it works, using the softfloat emulation, it takes about 29min @ 32MHz ;)



Complete packages of povray are also available here

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