[hatari-devel] Release tags missing from Git repo?

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Hi Thomas,

It seems that Hatari Mercurial repository (release) tags didn't
make it through the Git transition.  Could add those too?

	- Eero

$ cd hatari.git
$ git tag -l
$ cd ../hatari.hg
$ hg tags
tip                             7332:c4e2d540ba25
v2.2.1                          7327:dcf1ab71057d
v2.2.0                          7324:031ceebcf975
v2.1.0                          6847:533b11ea2f1e
v2.0.0                          6409:8c26db22d338
v1.9.0                          5841:978142ac82ff
v1.8.0                          5217:b825febc915f
v1.7.0                          4601:63c1d7c59d25
v1.6.2                          3963:84390a6f7417
v1.6.1                          3732:da2ba745065a
v1.6.0                          3679:6f05ba5a1734
v1.5.0                          3455:d03e4a887e3a
v1.4.0                          2892:dabb65b541c9
before_removing_autoconf_files  2623:50b9dfdcc014
before_removing_xcode_project   2537:5f5002de02bb
v1.3.1                          2208:9fb9dc477e75
v1.3.0                          2185:05a83cb7f76a
v1.2.0                          1582:cb68d9e26e92
v1.1.0                          1464:830b9af239f8
v1.0.1                          1026:13963599bbab
v1.0.0                          1004:589365f726cd
v0.95                            787:6eefee3baac5
v0.90                            607:1f81fd874ea9
v0.80                            470:5bf1e02a10ed
v0.70                            404:9d05c5eb8bae
v0.60                            357:9397df9826e6
v0.50                            339:bc6b58e152fa
v0.45                            269:ebec2fe8629a
v0.40                            209:b01c803e9abc
v0.30                            123:c9f46e2401ee
v0.25                            100:221dec2000ad
v0.20                             68:065465adcef9
v0.11                             38:45530e2c0306
v0.10                             18:2b92755d134f
v0.05                              4:eae7bf826cb3

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