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Eero Tamminen schrieb:

> I'm not getting TOS 3.00 to boot in Hatari TT emulation:

That's interesting because I had it running under Hatari some days ago
when the dump was posted on Atari-Forum.

> It's just looping on some MFP register:
> $00e01ed4 : cmp.l  $04ba.w,d7      24.95%
> $00e01ed8 : bcs.s  $e01eea         24.95%
> $00e01eda : btst   #5,$fffffa01.w  24.95%
> $00e01ee0 : bne.s  $e01ed4         24.95%

It's waiting for a floppy or HD access to complete.

I made a short test right now: It *does* boot with Hatari. However, if
there is no floppy disk inserted and no HD (or GEMDOS HD) it'll take a
very long time to reach the desktop.
Whether the pre-release version of TOS behaves the same on real HW, I
cannot say.

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