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for quite some time I have been puzzled why Hatari (snapshot builds for
Windows from antarctica.no) sometimes worked and sometimes crashed with
an HEAP_CORRUPTION error directly after start. Today, I finally figured
out that it works if I start it from the Windows command line with an
absolute path to the executable, but crashes if I start it with just a
relative path to the executable.

With that knowledge and a debugger I found the reason: a buffer overflow
in Paths_Init(). When started from cmd.exe giving a relative path to the
executable, psExecDir [1] will also only contain a relative path. Notice
how in [2] only just enough memory is allocated for sDataDir to hold
psExecDir, the path separator ("\" under Windows) and BIN2DATADIR, which
is "." for the Windows build.

However, File_MakeAbsoluteName, called from [3], will in the end write
back the full, absolute filename into that buffer [4], thereby
overflowing it. Since Windows 10 has very good checkers for heap
corruption (e.g. by buffer overflow), it then almost immediately
terminates the offending process.

Solution: Always allocate a sufficiently sized buffer (FILENAME_MAX+1?)
for sDataDir.


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