Re: [hatari-devel] Windows build currently broken?

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Am Fri, 28 Dec 2018 17:32:03 +0200
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> On 12/28/18 1:59 PM, Christian Zietz wrote:
> > after Eero reported an issue with the Falcon SCC under Hatari and
> > EmuTOS, I wanted to investigate a bit. I'm using Windows and I rely
> > on Christer's "nightly" builds on
> > <>. However, the build
> > is unavailable because it failed with errors in scc.c:
> > <>,
> > presumably because it uses functions or defines that do not exist
> > under Windows.  
> I think it would be better to test it under Linux (either in VM
> under Windows or native), as there are several file handling
> operations that aren't supported by Windows APIs.
> Attached is a patch that tries to work around the Windows API
> issues.  Thomas, how does it look like?

O_NDELAY and O_NONBLOCK seem to be the same, just a different name, so it
does not make much sense to use both here. O_NDELAY is working with
MinGW since it is defined to 0 in cpu/sysdeps.h, so let's simply use
only that one. And the fcntl() call is pretty much nonsense here since
the file is closed immediately afterwards. I wonder why they have that
in Aranym? I hope I don't miss anything here, but now I've removed that
So the SCC emulation now should compile fine with MinGW, too - but
please note that it will likely not work as expected. Since there is no
real O_NDELAY flag available here, Hatari will likely block as soon as
a program tries to read something from the SCC...


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