Re: [hatari-devel] More TOS 4.x patches for 68040+

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On Mittwoch, 26. September 2018 07:44:27 CEST Thomas Huth wrote:

>Ok, thanks, I guess we need that in case somebody wants to run
>something with MMU in 68040 mode on Hatari ...

One of the patches also sets the correct _CPU cookie because TOS does not 
check for 040.

> But why did you invert the order of the if-statements in your patch? I

You mean in the loop that scans the patchlist? Its not inverted, only the 
order of the tests changed. That was done because 040 and 060 sometimes patch 
the same address. Since only one of them is applied, the check for the other 
would compare the memory with the already patched values and then report a 
failure that the patch could not be applied, although it would just skip it.

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