[hatari-devel] TT-RAM handling regression

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Hi Nicolas,

I noticed a regression.

When using TT mode with TT-RAM, Hatari claims to enable 32-bit address,
but that seems to be propagated to the WinUAE CPU core only after
emulation is already running (with SPCFLAG_MODE_CHANGE flag), not
before memory ranges are initialized / when it would be needed.

As result, no TT-RAM is allocated.  I think this was broken by
commit ed8214691485 earlier this month.

(One needs now to specify "--addr24 off" also with TT emulation
when wanting TT-RAM, not just with Falcon emulation like earlier.)

Hatari state initialization sequence is quite "fragile", because
some settings cause (especially TOS version) cascade changes to
other settings, so things need to be done in very specific order.

-> There may be other things that delaying the CPU core changes
   at emulation initialization has broken.

	- Eero

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