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I found where is the problem. File vdi.c, routine "VDI_SetResolution()", lines 136 to 140,

/* First align to 128 pixels */
VDIWidth = Opt_ValueAlignMinMax(w, 128MIN_VDI_WIDTHMAX_VDI_WIDTH);
/* then make sure width is 128 + 256*x */
if (VDIWidth > 3*128 && (VDIWidth-128) % 256)
VDIWidth -= 128;

Width request is 800.  First align to 128 pixels returns VDIWidth = 768.
Then "then make sure width is 128 + 256*x" returns VDIWidth = 640.  !!!!!!!!
After that, Log_printf writes: VDI screen: request = 800x600@4, result = 640x592@4

I don’t know the emulator so I don’t know how to correct this calculation and why !


"set window size"  meaning and test:
I open "Preference window", in "Atari Screen"  I check on "Use extended GEM VDI resolution" and I choose 800x600, 16 colors.
Then I push on "Save config..." then on "Ok".   I do reset asked by hatari and at this point real Atari screen size is 800x600. That’s correct !
I quit hatari then I open hatari.cfg and I find nVdiWidth = 800 and nVdiHeight = 600. Correct !!
I relaunch  Hatari and I verify the real size of the Hatari window.  Size is 640x600 !!

That sounds very weird.  I cannot reproduce it on Linux.

I would think it's something on the OS windowing system side, but
could you build latest Hatari Mercurial version and provide
"--log-level debug" output from T0/T1 and T2?

- Eero

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