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Attached is a basic testsuite for testing cpu emulation i could come up with so far.


The archive contains a patch, but also the libcmini directory again as it has some binary files (precompiled startup code and library). I've also included the log files i currently get when running it with the default fpu emulation (which has some failures, as expected, most of them just being some differences in the least significant bits), and when using the softfloat version. The latter only has 1 failure currently (in flogn), but it has to be verified wether that's a failure of the emulation or wrong expectations of the test. Strangely that failure only happens with '030, not with '040 or '060.


If you want to include the source of libcmini, it is a modified version of Markus's work, and is available at github .


Note that you need also to apply the patch to Fwrite i posted earlier, otherwise the programs will just abort.


The programs all use a stripped-down version of the startup code, which does not do any argument parsing (not supported by the test mode currently, anyway), and some function calls like Pdomain() and Fcntl() removed. From what i can tell, all they use now are Mshrink/Fwrite/Pterm.


I'm not an expert of CMake, and the CMakeLists.txt was just hacked together to get it working, feel free to modify it as needed ;)





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