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Vincent Rivière schrieb:

> By thinking twice, I may have been fooled by 2 different bugs:
> 1) The bogus peak on stairs, visible on Audacity waveforms, including with 
> simple sine wave testcase.
> Definitely wrong, might come from wrong upsampling combined to LMC1992 
> bass/treeble, as Christian suspects.

> 2) The 7 KHz artifact in Lethal Xcess music, visible on Audacity spectrogram.

Also thinking twice, you might be right. The erroneous spikes/peaks that
I have shown in my last email appear at the original DMA sample
frequency because there is one "step" in the output for each original
sample. So they might be for example at approx 6.25 kHz or 12.5 kHz, but
not at 7 kHz.

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