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Oups, I may be tired ;)
I didn't see the note.
Sorry for the disturbing.

Le 13/02/2018 à 22:37, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 02/13/2018 09:54 PM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
By diging more, it seems to concern the falcon IDE disk memory area.

Yes, note in the compatibility list says that it bus errors unless IDE is enabled.

    - Eero


Le 13/02/2018 à 20:50, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
In complement of information, it generates the following error :

M68000 Bus Error writing at address $f00000 PC=$4e8a4.


Le 13/02/2018 à 20:45, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Hi all,

I've tested tron2001 for falcon.
This game crashes always at the same instruction : the sf $f0000

> d
$0004e8a4 : 51f9 00f0 0000                     sf $f00000
$0004e8aa : 303c 3111                          move.w #$3111,d0
$0004e8ae : 4e7b 0002                          movec d0,cacr
$0004e8b2 : 41f8 8200                          lea $ffff8200.w,a0
$0004e8b6 : 43fa 0684                          lea $4ef3c(pc),a1
$0004e8ba : 12e8 0060                          move.b $60(a0),(a1)+
$0004e8be : 12e8 0065                          move.b $65(a0),(a1)+

According to a hardware registers file I have on my hardrive, it says this area is a reserved I/O space, but should it bomb on falcon ?

Addresses           Description
    $00000000-$00DFFFFF|ST RAM
    $00E00000-$00EFFFFF|512k TOS ROMs
    $00F00000-$00F9FFFF|Reserved I/O Space
    $00FA0000-$00FBFFFF|128k ROM cartridge expansion port
    $00FC0000-$00FEFFFF|192k System ROM
    $00FF0000-$00FF7FFF|Reserved I/O Space
    $00FF8000-$00FFFFFF|ST/TT I/O
    $01000000-$013FFFFF|TT Fast Ram
    $FE000000-$FEFFFFFF|VME A24/D16
    $FEFF0000-$FEFFFFFF|VME A16/D16
    $FF000000-$FFFFFFFF|ST 24 bit compatible shadow
    $FFD000xx-$FFD000xx|Set FastRAM refresh rate and generate a bus error -------------------+----------------------------------------------------------


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