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Hi Eero, Uwe,

When using Hatari on macOS you can often see both the macOS and Atari mouse pointer until you "snap" them into one by moving the pointer to the edges of the Hatari window. However, I have not seen them track badly, if that's what "out of sync" means. I haven't gotten any such feedback from users of the nightlies either.

This is with the SDL2 build I made for 2.0.0 as well as the nightlies I publish. 

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 On February 7, 2018 11:50 PM, Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>By the way, I (also) don't think that this is important enough to block
>> the upcoming release. I stumbled upon something else, which I consider
>> more inconvenient: I recently used Hatari (latest binary version) on the
>> Mac, and noticed that the Atari mouse pointer is extremely out of sync
>> with the actual macOS mouse pointer.
> Is that with SDL1 or SDL2 build of Hatari?
> (SDL1 is known to be very slow on some MacOS versions.)
>>I'm not sure, but the macOS binary distribution is not official, is it?
>> Anyway, I am not a Mac user, but if I were the out of sync mouse pointer
>> would be a big issue for me. Is the upcoming release going to provide a
>> better behavior?
> Has somebody else seen that?

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