Re: [hatari-devel] 68000: Wrong order of bus accesses for move.l xx,-(Ay)

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>> For example ADDX.L -(An),-(Ay) does the
>> *reads* in descending order.
> Another interesting thing to know: is it guaranteed that the first operand is 
> accessed first? Ie, what happens if both address registers point to invalid 
> memory? And how do the registers look during the exception, are they already 

Operand access order (+prefetch) should be already guaranteed correct.

> updated, still untouched, or also only partially updated pointing to 
> address-2? 
> Maybe it is of no real concern currently, but it would be if the MMU is in 
> use, and the exception handler has to recover from a page fault.

This is the interesting part. Fortunately I don't need to care about bus
errors that much :)

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