[hatari-devel] screen no more "refreshed" when Hatari is paused with SDL2 ?

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I noticed that with SDL2 the Hatari window's content is not refreshed anymore when Hatari is paused (pressing alt+p or F12 for example)

Under linux, if I pause and I move another window in front of Hatari (to overlap Hatari's window), then the content behind this window is not repainted when I put Hatari back to the top (Hatari's window will be all white for example)

In the case where Hatari is paused, screen.c functions are not called, so screen content will not be redrawn regularly, but at least with SDL1, the content of the paused windows was kept and you could for example use "kruler" to count pixels (with SDL2, this leaves an ugly trail over the screen)

Do other see this under Linux ? Maybe it's part of SDL2 to not refresh in this case for better rendering performance, but does someone know if there's an SDL flag to preserve the window's content in such cases ?


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