Re: [hatari-devel] prevent alt-f4 from closing Hatari on Windows

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Le 02/01/2018 à 19:34, David Savinkoff a écrit :

Linux may have a similar issue (CentOS 6 Gnome2)
Alt -F4 Close Window
Alt -F7 Move Window
Alt -F8 Resize Window
Alt -F9 Minimize Window

Maybe a closer look is required.

As far as I can see SDL2 only provides an option for alt+f4 and for windows.

windows is different from linux in that case, because under windows you can't redefine alt+f4 shortcut, while under linux most (all ?) window managers will allow you to redefine your own shortcut in case they conflict with an application. Maybe under linux it's even possible to have the application takes precedence over the desktop shortcuts ? That might depend on the WM too.


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