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Hi guys,

it's very unlikely this is a Hatari bug but I'm desperate to find out the issue here. I have a trivial .PRG I'm trying to disassemble and yet I can't single step it at all:

You have entered debug mode. Type c to continue emulation, h for help.

CPU=$e09bca, VBL=905, FrameCycles=320651, HBL=314, LineCycles=319627, DSP=$51
$00e09bca : 316c 04ae 03ca                     move.w    $4ae(a4),$3ca(a0)
> b pc = text
CPU condition breakpoint 1 with 1 condition(s) added:
        pc = text
> c
Returning to emulation...
1. CPU breakpoint condition(s) matched 1 times.
        pc = text
Reading symbols from program '/home/mikro/atari800/MAIN.PRG' symbol table...
TOS executable, DRI / GST symbol table, reloc=0, program flags: PRIVATE (0x0)
ERROR: symbol table missing from the program!
ERROR: reading symbols from '/home/mikro/atari800/MAIN.PRG' failed!

CPU=$32054, VBL=1156, FrameCycles=84119, HBL=82, LineCycles=151, DSP=$51
$00032054 : 103c 0099                          move.b    #$99,d0
> disasm 
$00032054 : 103c 0099                          move..b    #$99,d0
$00032058 : 123c 0001                          move..b    #1,d1
$0003205c : c300                               abcd      d0,d1
$0003205e : 0000 0000                          ori.b     #0,d0
$00032062 : 0000 0000                          ori.b     #0,d0
$00032066 : 0000 0000                          ori.b     #0,d0
$0003206a : 0000 0000                          ori.b     #0,d0
$0003206e : 0000 0008                          ori.b     #8,d0
> n

CPU=$e00c9a, VBL=1156, FrameCycles=84159, HBL=82, LineCycles=191, DSP=$51
$00e00c9a : 3f00                               move.w    d0,-(sp)

First I tried to debug it in Devpac (old habits never die...) and got an Line-F exception. All right, perhaps Devpac does something Hatari doesn't like? And nope, it seems the exception is happening nevertheless! I tried to disable FPU emulation and yes, no help.

Can anybody explain to me what I'm doing wrong? Hatari is a fairly recent build.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

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