Re: [hatari-devel] Using ftello/fseeko instead of ftell/fseek for large file support

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Thorsten Otto schrieb:

> You usually only need that on 32bit hosts. On 64-bit hosts, the default 
> interface already uses long. which should be 64bit (unless for braindamaged 
> win32, but things are there  different anyway).

Well, "braindamaged win32" is a supported platform for Hatari, so one
should not disregard it but write the code accordingly.

> Also, even for 32-bit hosts, 
> you usually can enforce the interface to use 64bit file pointers by using 
> _LARGEFILE_SOURCE and _FILEOFFSET_BITS=64 without having to change your code.

But that's only true *if* you use fseeko and ftello. fseek and ftell
will always have to use signed long int to be compliant to the C
standard. Hence, on a 32-bit host, be it Linux/Unix or Windows, you will
be restricted to 2 GB when using fseek and ftell. No macro can change this.

@Nicolas: I agree that Hatari should consistenly use fseeko and ftello.

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