Re: [hatari-devel] Beams TT demo FPU warnings

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On 08/06/2017 01:01 PM, Toni Wilen wrote:
This is what 68882 returns

Nicolas, would it make sense to include these to Hatari?

if some programs really rely on these internal values, I think it would
be correct to include them in the emulation.

I "found" 68881 (I had A500 68020 accelerator board that has 68881, I
just forgot..).

Unexpectedly undefined offsets are 100% identical to 68882!

Undefined field update pushed, also fixes 2 FMOVECR bugs and supports
undocumented feature: offsets 0x40-0x7f generate f-line exception.

Great, thanks!

Nicolas, let me know when you sync Hatari again with WinUAE. :-)

	- Eero

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