Re: [hatari-devel] UAE 68030 MMU + prefetch + instruction and data cache emulation

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I've tested a few more demos.

The cycle exact seems to run well for demos that are not MMU related when I test them with the MMU.
The cycles bahave the same than when I test without MMU.

I'll do more tests.

Cycle accuracy still need some work anyway.

Le 03/08/2017 à 18:47, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 28/07/2017 à 15:25, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :

MMU not enabled :

- Cycle Exact    68030 CE + caches (internal mode=4 op_smalltbl_24_ff)
- Prefetch 68030 prefetch, no cache (internal mode=3 op_smalltbl_22_ff)
- none        68030 basic, no cache (internal mode=0 op_smalltbl_2_ff)

MMU enabled :

- Cycle Exact 68030 MMU + prefetch + cache (internal mode=6 op_smalltbl_34_ff) - Prefetch 68030 MMU + prefetch + cache (internal mode=6 op_smalltbl_34_ff)
- none        68030 MMU, no cache (internal mode=5 op_smalltbl_32_ff)


- there's no "cycle exact" mode for now in 68030 MMU, it's the same emulation as "prefetch". For "cycle exact" 68030 (instructions tail/head and more accurate cycles) don't use MMU mode.

- even in "cycle exact" mode without MMU, cycles are not always correct yet, this is still work in progress.

As a followup to this description, a specific opcodes table was added for 68030 + MMU in cycle exact mode.

So now, it uses internal mode=7 and table op_smalltbl_35_ff, which should basically gives the same cycles results as already available for "68030 without MMU + CE" (ie internal mode=4 op_smalltbl_24_ff), but with additional MMU support.

Eventually, this mode will be the prefered one to emulate a Falcon (when cycle accuracy will be complete for all cases)


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