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Le 29/06/2017 à 22:01, David Savinkoff a écrit :

I was looking at hatari/src/sound.c :: YM2149_RndCompute()

This function must be executed at the same rate as the noise
frequency register in the YM2149.
YM2149_RndCompute() is, however, executed on a per sample
basis which is not the same. Thus, different sound.


do you mean in YM2149_NextSample_250() ? code is :

 if ( Noise_count >= Noise_per )
    Noise_count = 0;
    Noise_val = YM2149_RndCompute();                	

so it correctly updates noise output each time the counter reached the current period.

And when comparing STF wav recording with Hatari's wav this gives indeed similar wave signals and phase duration for noise.

Or did you mean sthg else ?

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