Re: [hatari-devel] Apple keyboard + SDL2

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Am Thu, 1 Jun 2017 15:33:40 +0200
schrieb Cocoa Pod <cocoa.pod@xxxxxxx>:

> Thomas,
> I ended what I wanted to send you. Joined is the last remapping file
> and a small html file which shows the remapping of Apple french
> keyboard. Miguel

Thanks, I've added now the keymapping file to the repository. Not sure
what to do with the html file, though ... will you put that on your

Note that I also did not include your patch to keymap.c, since this was
also rather a hack - it is perfectly valid that there are spaces around
the separating comma in the file, so something like "if ((k == ';' || k
== '#') && (szString[1] != ','))" only works in files like yours, when
there is no space around the comma. So I used the numeric values for
comma and semicolon now there instead.

Concerning your problem with "Left Alt": This must be something
specific to macOS again. It works fine on Linux. It's likely a good
idea if you report this to the SDL project to get it fixed.


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