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Hello everyone,

my name is Norbert and I am new on this list. The last few days I was 
looking a little bit in the hatari source code and after checking the todo 
list I was playing around to implement the screenshot into a specific folder feature.

In the dlgScreen.c I added these lines:
#define DLGSCRN_FOLDER			32
{ SGTEXT,     0, 0,  7,17, 16,1, "Select folder to save" },
{ SGBUTTON,   0, 0, 29,17, 14,1, "Browse Folder" },

changed a lot of the numbers.

static void DlgDisk_BrowseDir(char *dlgname, char *confname, int maxlen)


configuration.h needs now a ??FileFolder value for CNF_SCREEN and
configuration.c needs also a new entry for "static const struct Config_Tag configs_Screen[] ="

But I lost a bit track of what I did because it was on a train without  internet :) So I would redo it 
in a clean clone of the sourcecode. But I assume I may have made some mistakes or forgotten something 
(for sure to save the value of the folder in the dialog). So if you could give some advice (also to read) for me
to better understand this code I would be very glad.

cheers from Germany


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