Re: [hatari-devel] DSP endless loop

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I have a appended disassembly output from a DSP program that seems to go to an endless loop, which freezes the whole operating system. It is a long time ago i last debugged the DSP. Maybe someone with more experience sees the problem. If the problem is within DSP emulation it potentially affects Hatari too.

Are you sure it's going into an endless loop? The trace shows the program transfers a bunch of data/code and then goes into a polling loop waiting for something else to do. It's late to debug this properly - but it doesn't look like its necessarily broken (on the DSP side anyway).

However you might want to make sure the DO loops are correct. I spotted some flow control instructions (jmp/jsr etc) near DO labels and this isn't allowed for those kinds of instructions - undefined behaviour. Put some nops before/after the do labels to test that.

Other than doubts about the DO loops it's probably the host program losing sync, not handshaking properly or just sending the wrong data.


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