Re: [hatari-devel] Bug in Gemdos emulation

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On Saturday 04 March 2017 23:39:59 Roger Burrows wrote:
> To confirm, AFAIK, the only special filenames recognised by TOS are CON:,
> AUX:,  PRN:.

You are right, sry. I always thought that this should work, but maybe it is 
handled by the shell.

>Note that these may be upper case or lower case, but not mixed case

I can confirm that, too:

if (ncmps(5, p, "CON:") || ncmps(5, p, "con:"))
		rc = 0x0000ffffL;
else if (ncmps(5, p, "AUX:") || ncmps(5, p, "aux:"))
		     rc = 0x0000fffel;
else if (ncmps(5, p, "PRN:") || ncmps(5, p, "prn:"))
		     rc = 0x0000fffdl;

ncmps() is similar to strncmp().

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