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No, this is part of the macOS specific code. I noticed this problem when I was testing the macOS version for Jerome Vernet. 

The Windows version only allows you to load the config from the preferences screen (F12). I have not seen the Linux version to know how that menu works. 

You would have to wait for Jerome to respond to find out the details. 

Bob C
On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 12:36 PM Lonny Pursell <atari@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes it is macOS version. I traced to file SDLMain.m where the dialog is presented. It’s not consistent across all versions?

Lonny Pursell

> On Jan 26, 2017, at 1:14 PM, Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Lonny,
> What version of Hatari are you running? I have had this problem with the OS X (macOS) version. I simply bring up the preferences dialog and use Load Config from there.
> Bob C
> On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 11:59 AM Lonny Pursell <atari@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed something odd. I go to the dropdown menu -> File -> Load Config… and select one. An alert box appears and asks “Reset the emulator?” with buttons “Reset|Don’t reset”.
> Click “Reset” -> nothing happens
> Click “Don’t reset” -> Hatari resets
> It is as if the alert buttons are evaluated backwards. Known issue or fresh bug? ;)
> Lonny Pursell

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