Re: [hatari-devel] Binliner Preview (demo Falcon) works with Hatari 2.0

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On 01/18/2017 09:06 PM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
I've tested Binliner preview
<> with hatari 2.0 as I
was surprised to read it doesn't work in the compatibility list.
I remenber to have watched it with a previous version of hatari.
I managed to have it work by using no prefetch, no cycle exact, no MMU
in the CPU settings.

It actually works with accurate mode too.  My problem was starting
the screens with Space, with that key they crash, if I start them
with anything else, they work fine...  I updated compat doc. links soundtrack and youtube video has also background
music, but I don't hear anything with Hatari.  Do they have sound
on real HW?

There are many demos that don't run with the new core when prefetch mode
is on or when cycle exact is on, whereas they work well with the basic

Yes, there are also a couple of games that have the same issue,
they're all listed in the compatibility doc.

I've spoken with MKM who did a nice demo at the Sillyventure 2k16 and
his demo runs well under hatari only in basic mode.
There are glitches on his 3d cube when using prefetch/cycle exact.

He thinks it's because he use some self modifying code.
But it works well on the real hardware.

It only happens with programs using DSP, so I'm not sure whether
it's something related to DSP interaction directly (from self-
modifying code?) or just timings issue with.

Smallest use-case having this issue is "A Rh positive" demo by tSCc.

	- Eero

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