Re: [hatari-devel] Feature wish: preset machine setups

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Le 19/12/2016 à 00:23, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

If you select different TOS version, that will also force a compatible
machine type, i.e. automatically set appropriate CPU options.  DSP
will be used only for Falcon type, 32-bit addressing is relevant only
for 030+ and most programs don't care existence of FPU.

I.e. you may get by just by selecting TOS (unless it's EmuTOS which
supports everything :-)).

I usually set it from command line, so path often is still in my
command line history i.e. I type for example ^R+"tos4" and shell
completes rest.


this will give default settings, but it won't set RAM size to a specific machine dependant value for example. I think what Miro wants is really a kind of template system where you create you own machine config (with all possible options) and all settings are applied in one go (for example choosing STF-for-demo would choose STF mode + cpu accurate + 1 MB + TOS 1.04 + disable HD emulation)

Simplest solution for now is certainly to have several start script (eg, with all the command line options and run these scripts instead of starting hatari directly.


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