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\o/   great news. well done making the release.

I have just one real issue with the release so far, and maybe also some good news hidden inside that....

It is known that Hatari Falcon is somewhat hungry to run on modern PCs when the DSP is busy - its a single threaded app and easily saturates one core.

I have measured the DSP in Hatari 2.00 at 32mips. This is 2x the normal performance in a Falcon.

But this also means the host PC/Mac is doing 2x as much work as necessary per second. I think reducing the DSP to the expected 16mips should alleviate some of the choppyness issues and performance warnings still visible on 3ghz CPUs.

I've seen some odd performance measurements from the DSP over recent versions of Hatari but this one reads exactly 32.08mips, which means the DSP is now getting exactly 2x the combel clock, one way or another.

Put another way - for every 2 cycles the emulated MFP experiences, the DSP sees only 1 elapsing, instead of 2.

I'll play with it a bit more over the next weeks but this is the only thing that stands out so far.

Anyway once again - thanks for all the hard work fixing past issues and getting v2.0 out!


On 4 November 2016 at 16:15, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's finally here, Hatari 2.0.0 !

You can get it from or directly in

Sources are available, as well as prebuilt binaries for Windows (in 32 bit and 64 bit mode) and OSX (thanks to Troed).

Many thanks to all the people who contributed to this version in different ways (code, bug report, testing, reverse engineering and documentation of the real HW, ...), see doc/authors.txt for a list of devs / contributors.

Major highlights of this new version :

    - Hatari can use SDL2, this will take advantage of HW acceleration
      on the host PC and greatly enhance perfomance on OSX for example
    - Hatari now uses one single CPU core for all machines (ST, STE,
      TT, Falcon). No more need for 2 different binaries
    - video emulation now supports the 4 STF wakeup states for MMU/GLUE
      and a much more accurate state machine for border removal
    - CPU emulation was improved a lot by using WinUAE's CPU and fixing
      some low level behaviour : IACK sequence, exception/interrupt
      stacking, 2 cycle accesses, bus accesses timing depending on
      memory region, instruction pairing, ...
    - Falcon DMA sound was fixed
    - support for MegaST and MegaSTE machine types
    - improvements to Gemdos HD emulation
    - SDL UI reworked with more options
    - resizable window when using SDL2 (using HW acceleration)

Fixed demos :

    - {Closure} by Sync, working in STE mode and the 4 STF wakeup
      states :)
    - many Falcon demos where sound was randomly noisy
    - ... and many more, see compatibility list for a list of programs
      improved with Hatari 2.0.0

See release-notes.txt for the full changelog

Stay tuned for next Hatari version, more improvements are coming !


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