[hatari-devel] Add GEMDOS HD after ACSI/IDE partitions

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I have been tested this option when testing the OS X UI changes. However, even when I check the item in the SDL Hard disks menu, it does not appear to work for me. I use my GEMDOS Hatari config file, check that option, and let Hatari reboot.

When the system reboots (using AHDI 5.0.0, if that matters), I use Install Devices in TOS 2.06 and I only see the cartridge device. However, if I manually create G and H directories under my GEMDOS folder, then using Install Devices makes my GEMDOS drives appear. I have only tried this with the OS X version and not the Windows version. I do not have the ability to run the Linux version.

I am just wondering what I am doing wrong. Thanks for your help.

Bob C

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