Re: [hatari-devel] Error while compiling current hatari

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Hi all,

Thanks for the help, I've solved my problem ( a bad uncommented line in a conf file /:)

Now it works like a charm ;)

Sorry for the disturbing.


Le 21/08/2016 à 22:52, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :

Thanks for the help.

You're right, when I have a look at cmake, I get :

-- Found MATH: /media/Win_NTFS/Data_Laurent/Jeux/Atari/DiskDur.FAL/Thadoss/C_coding/VBCC_Linux/lib/libm.a

Why does it use my vbcc library instead of the linux one ?

I've installed ubuntu 16.04 3 days ago and it's my first recompile of hatari since then.

Where should I have a look to fix this ?



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