[hatari-devel] Default configuration settings

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In configuration.c, we currently have this here in

	/* Default to Falcon with WinUAE CPU core... */
	ConfigureParams.System.nMachineType = MACHINE_FALCON;
	ConfigureParams.System.nCpuLevel = 3;
	ConfigureParams.System.nCpuFreq = 16;
	ConfigureParams.System.nDSPType = DSP_TYPE_EMU;
	ConfigureParams.System.bAddressSpace24 = true;
	ConfigureParams.System.n_FPUType = FPU_NONE;
	ConfigureParams.System.bCompatibleFPU = true;
	ConfigureParams.System.bMMU = false;
	ConfigureParams.System.bCycleExactCpu = true;
	/* ...and to ST with old UAE CPU core */
	ConfigureParams.System.nMachineType = MACHINE_ST;
 	ConfigureParams.System.nCpuLevel = 0;
 	ConfigureParams.System.nCpuFreq = 8;
	ConfigureParams.System.nDSPType = DSP_TYPE_NONE;
	ConfigureParams.System.bAddressSpace24 = true;

That means, when compiled with WinUAE core, the default machine type is
Falcon, and for old UAE core it is ST. That was a good idea when we had
WinUAE mainly for the separate hatari_falcon version ... but since
WinUAE core is now used for plain ST mode by default, too, should we
maybe revert this setting again and use ST mode by default
everywhere again?


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