Re: [hatari-devel] ACSI max disk size

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On 21/05/2016 à 08:14, Thomas Huth wrote:
This should not happen anymore on Linux ... but you are using Windows,
aren't you?

Yes, this happens on Windows.
Both with the official Hatari 1.9.0 and my custom built binary.

Not sure about Windows, can you specify how your Hatari binary has been

I always build Hatari with/for Cygwin 32, as it is more convenient for me. For the developer and user point of view, Cygwin looks more like Linux than Windows. One major difference is that Cygwin uses NewLib as standard C library, while Linux uses glibc.

By the way, if Hatari has been build without 64-bit off_t, the IDE code
likely will also fail as soon as you try to access a sector beyond the
2 GB (or maybe 4 GB?) limit.

In this case, the IDE and ACSI behaviour should be consistent.

Vincent Rivière

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