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On 19/05/2016 à 04:10, Thomas Huth wrote:
Right. It's a new "problem" that only occurs with the WinUAE CPU core,
as far as I can see. I think this only occurs in certain CPU modes,
like 68000 mode or when cycle-exact emulation is enabled.


Tested with official Hatari 1.9.0 Windows binaries:
- hatari.exe works fine in any case
- hatari_falcon.exe works with 68030 CPU and "Cycle exact" unchecked
- hatari_falcon.exe fails with 68030 CPU and "Cycle exact" checked
- hatari_falcon.exe fails with 68000 CPU in any case

Anyway, I've now committed a fix, please check again whether it is
working now as expected.

Now it works fine in any case.

Considering that:
- there are easy workarounds with Hatari 1.9.0
- the problem is fixed in HG
then the upcoming EmuTOS 0.9.6 can serenely be released with IDE 32-bit data transfer enabled, as in previous release.

Many thanks for this fix.

Vincent Rivière

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