Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari HG can't boot tos306fr.img anymore

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On 18.03.2016 11:54, Vincent Rivière wrote:
> (follow up from emutos-devel)
> On 18/03/2016 00:03, Eero Tamminen wrote:
>> At least if you're using latest from HG, this happens ONLY
>> if you have both of these:
>> - Cycle-exact mode enabled (default)
>> - MMU enabled (not default & WinUAE CPU core only)
> It happens, with those settings disabled.
> I use tos306fr.img (note the FR).
> In the debugger, by putting a breakpoint at startup, I see that the
> beginning of the ROM is corrupted with NOP starting at offset 0x68.

That's the TOS patch from Hatari for disabling MMU instructions. Have a
look at tos.c and search for this line:

{ 0x306, -1, pszNoPmmu, TP_ANTI_PMMU, 0xE00068, 0xF0394000, 24,
pNopOpcodes },

However, that should _not_ get applied when MMU is enabled, so something
seems to go wrong there...


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