Re: [hatari-devel] Removed 8-bit-only screen rendering functions

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Le 01/11/2015 18:06, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

perjantai 30 lokakuu 2015 22:47:36 Thomas Huth kirjoitti:
I've now committed some patches to remove the rendering functions that
can only output to 8-bit host screen surfaces (i.e. 256 color modes).
I think nobody uses 256-color modes anymore today, so it should be fine
if we limit the support in Hatari to 16-bit and 32-bit graphic modes.

Sounds good.  On cursory glance, patches looked OK.

If you've got some spare time, please check whether mono, VDI, TT and
Falcon screen modes are still working for you as expected, since I
changed quite a bit to get everything working with one generic screen
conversion function.

With ST/STE emulation:

* Monochrome VDI gives me now red-white color, not black-white:
  ./hatari -s 4 --vdi-planes 1 --vdi-width 640 --vdi-height 400

confirmed, got a red-white screen too.

* Normal monochrome mode works as expected.

With TT-emulation:

* VDI modes don't work at all, they all show just black

works slightly better for me, using ./hatari -s 4 --vdi-planes 1 --vdi-width 640 --vdi-height 400 + tos 306fr : I also get red-white color instead of black-white, but the screen looks interlaced : 1 normal line, 1 empty line , ...

different results from you, but not correct anyway.


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