Re: [hatari-devel] STF/STE using WinUAE CPU in prefetch mode

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Le 01/10/2015 02:05, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

I already saw this kind of behaviour but can't really reproduce it,
maybe it's related to the "auto insert disk B" ?

In that case Hatari should show second disk as being inserted and
it should be enough to eject it before inserting it to drive A,


as confirmed by laurent, the problem is when you have both disk inside a zip file. In that case, the fileselector code consider that the file inserted in both drives is the same zip file, not the ST or MSA you chose inside this zip file. So it will complain that disk is inserted twice, which is wrong.

When using zip file, we should have a way to store in memory the name of the zip and the name of the disk image, to be able to differentiate which files were really inserted in the drive, not just the main zip file


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