Re: [hatari-devel] STF/STE using WinUAE CPU in prefetch mode

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As Nicolas wrote me, I didn't use the very latest sources, so I didn't have the last patches.
My hatari version was 2 weeks ago.

Froggies over the fence works perfectly now with the latest version.

I continue to watch some more demos tonight.



Le 30/09/2015 23:59, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Nicolas, I wrote you on your personal email with some screen copies.

I've continued my tests -it's cool to have a look to all these demos ;) :

O-demo : seems OK
oldschool demo : seems OK
Dune : Illusion seems OK
Transbeauce 2 : seems OK

More tests to come next days.



Le 30/09/2015 18:56, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
My fault, 24 bits was ON during the test of course, not OFF.

I'll test with old CPU with my .MSA files and then with other versions in case of my versions are bugged.

I'll tell you.


Le 30/09/2015 17:07, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 30/09/2015 16:38, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

This is a good news.

I've done some tests. I wish they'll help.

My conf :

WinUAE core, ST(f), 1 Mo, TOS 1.04 fr

Real time clock emulation (ON)
Blitter emulation (OFF)
Patch timer-D (OFF)
Boot faster by patching TOS... (OFF)
Prefetch mode slower (ON)
Cycle exact, slower (OFF)
MMU Emulation (OFF)
24 bits adressing (OFF)

I've sometimes changed the CPU, the memory or the STf / STe. I write the
exact conf each time.

  Compatible but slower (ON, but I think it doesn't do anything here)

yes, fpu doesn't matter here.

First : something I never noticed before (because I mostly use hatari in
falcon mode on gemdos harddrive).

I insert a floppy disk into the drive, Then I run it (reset hatari).

At a moment, the demo ask me to insert the Disk 2. So I remove the disk
one, select the disk 2 and hatari tells me : ERROR: Cannot insert same
floppy to multiple drives.

I have to insert this disk into the drive B, then remove it, and insert
it into the drive A to have it been taken into account (I tested the
demo Froggies over the fence)

Sometimes it works correctly (but sometimes no).


thanks for tyour tests.

I already saw this kind of behaviour but can't really reproduce it, maybe it's related to the "auto insert disk B" ? Or do you use a zip archive where the 3 disks are located ?

OK, the tests :

Froggies over the fence :

In the main menu, There are some pixel glitches on the frogs.

I then select the upper left frog (the green one). In the 4096 color
screens, there are pixels glitches on the images and it flickers a lot
(the flickering may be normal, but I don't think the glitchy pixels are).

flickering is normal. I don't see that many glitches, except the usual ones due to spectrum 512 images.

Can you try to compare with Hatari compiled using old uae core ? (save screenshot for both cpu and compare them)

Antique (Dune) (tested with Ste, 4 Mo) seems OK

Dark side of the spoon  (not all screen tested) Ste 4Mo, seems OK

Delirius demo (Stf, 512 Ko), not all screens tested,  Seems OK.

Poltergeist demo : (Stf, 512 Ko), all screen tested, seems OK

syntax1.msa (probably syntax terror). The screen goes to black, then
nothing (it seems to crash)

Can you tried the versions here ? DF_STERR.MSA works for me. Does it crash with old cpu too ?

virtual1.msa (something written at the beginning (crack to beat this
part 3), then black screen and nothing more) (it seems to crash)

works for me

Vodka1.msa :(STF, 512 ko, TOS 1.04) it prints "crack to beat this",
then  double bus error

works too

Big_demo.msa : (STF, 512 or 1 Mo TOS 1.04) it displays the first screen
and then crash.

prints a lot of address error message while loading, but that's part of the decoding routine I think. then the demo works

I think the problem in your case could be that 24 bit addressing is OFF, but for 68000 it should always be ON.

Can you try again when it's set to ON ?


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