Re: [hatari-devel] Falcon booting problem?

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On torstai 27 elokuu 2015, Thomas Huth wrote:
> Anyway, try removing your NVRAM config file, maybe that got corrupted?

Good guess, it was corrupted NVRAM video settings.

I tend to forget that Hatari updates the NVRAM
file everytime emulator is quit, regarless of in
which state the emulated machine *and* NVRAM settings

Video settings were (according to "hexdump hatari.nvram")
$feff instead of $2a01 value I got in new one after
removing the corrupted one.

I added comment about NVRAM to Videl error message.


	- Eero

PS. Some kind of validation of video mode values when
loading or saving NRAM data could be useful too...

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