Re: [hatari-devel] Checkpoint's Suretrip demo regression

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On keskiviikko 12 elokuu 2015, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Le 11/08/2015 21:06, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> > IMHO it would be good to list known regressions and
> > in which version the regression happened.  If not in
> > release notes, then in TODO doc, with details of
> > the issues.
> > 
> > Are there other regressed items than Suretrip for
> > ST and Golden Island demo for Falcon?
> not that I know

Ok, good to know.

Will you add note about them, or should I do that?

Note: Next EmuTOS version translations are being done
currently, so new version should be coming soon
-> makes sense to post-pone Hatari until that, to be
   able to include the new version with Pexec7 support
   into Hatari binary package(s).

	- Eero

> but I don't recheck all the possible games/demos each time :)

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