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Hello Hatari Developers!

I made quite a lot of progress on the Hatari-based NeXT Computer emulator "Previous". The last big thing that is missing is the emulation of the Motorola 56001 DSP. It was included in all NeXT CPU boards.

I have some questions about the implementation used in Hatari:

What is the current status?
Is it complete or just good enough to work with the target OS and software?

Do you think it can be interfaced with the NeXT stuff?

A little overview what is logically available:

8 registers (byte size):
data (pad), data (h), data (m), data (l) --> all r/w

7 bits accessed through system control register:
DSP reset, DSP block end enable, DSP unpacked enable, 
DSP mode A, DSP mode B, DSP level 4 interrupt enable, DSP memory enable

1 DMA channel (can be switched read/write)

2 interrupt lines: level 3 and level 4

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,


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