[hatari-devel] Release time for 1.8.1 ?

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we now have a rather long changelog list, nothing groundbreaking from the user point of view, but many small changes/fixes that will improve emulation anyway.

So, I think it might be time to release 1.8.1 (previous release was 9 months ago)

I think 1.8.1 is more appropriate than 1.9, because emulation is rather close to what we have in 1.8.0 (I'd rather keep 1.9 for the next release where WinUAE CPU will be the default cpu also for STF/STE mode, which is not ready yet)

Possible release date could be end of may / beginning of june. This leaves approx 1 month to fix pending issues or add new code if necessary.

So, if you have anything on your todo list you'd like to complete before, please tell it now.


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