Re: [hatari-devel] Re: RAM detection issue with VDI (was HDDriver issues with WinUAE CPU core)

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On sunnuntai 11 tammikuu 2015, Roger Burrows wrote:
> On 11 Jan 2015 at 20:27, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > Roger was referring to phystop.   But old TOS versions didn't work
> > if gap between memtop -> phystop is larger.
> Not to belabour the point, but what about setting the gap according to
> the version of TOS?  Older versions expect 32K, newer versions ?

That's what my change did.

> And I don't think EmuTOS should care, but if it does, let me know & I'll
> investigate.

EmuTOS is the weirdest of them all.

With TT & Falcon, EmuTOS works correctly if memtop/phystop are real ones.
With ST/STE, it crashes if gap is not 32k.

But as that's what it has been, it's probably best not to
change EmuTOS.

	- Eero

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