[hatari-devel] WinUAE CPU core CPU/FPU/DSP performance according to Centurbo benchmark

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I tried Centurbo benchmark [1] and it's results are quite interesting.

* New WinUAE CPU core (latest from today):
  - CPU 172 Mhz
  - FPU 153 Mhz
  - DSP  57 Mhz
* Old WinUAE CPU core (latest before WinUAE upgrade):
  - CPU  15 Mhz
  - FPU 221 Mhz
  - DSP  32 Mhz
* Old UAE CPU core (from month ago):
  - FPU 403 Mhz
  - DSP 32 Mhz
  - CPU 78 Mhz

(moving mouse drops FPU and CPU numbers slightly)

I.e. according to this benchmark, previous WinUAE CPU core
emulation was pretty accurate in what it was measuring,
except for FPU.  New core improved on FPU emulation speed,
but has regressed in others.

	- Eero

[1] http://centek.free.fr/atari/softs/s_centbe.htm

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